D Armor 極空戰甲 


Warranty Period: 12 Months from the date of purchase (Purchase invoice is required)


  • under normal usage, if the case turns yellow which is described as 「the level of yellowing of a typical TPU case after 1 month of usage」, we will offer a new one to you ( Moxbii reserves the right to make the final decision).

  • under normal usage, there are abnormal changes in quality excluding normal wear, scratches, and tear ( Moxbii reserve the right to make the final decision).

How to Claim?:Please fill in this form


Note:only applicable to purchase at shop.moxbii.com.hk official Hong Kong website and Hong Kong/Macau authorized resellers. 



Typical TPU Case after 1 month of use:Light Yellow


Note:(Applicable to certain iPhone Models) Area on the top part of the charging hole is not covered in our warranty. Part of the inner soft material is exposed due to limitation in production. This tiny area may turn yellow when in contact with sweat. 


Note: Maximum number of warranty claims limited to two per product ordered. Applicable to verified purchase from Hong Kong and Macau authorized resellers or our official Moxbii HK Online Store. In case of lack of stock or any other reasons that we may not be able to exchange with you the same product, we may offer a product of the same retail price. Moxbii HK reserve the right to reject warranty claim upon certain criteria or discretion. We may also amend warranty policy when deemed necessary.